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John Buescher, a co-worker and the fellow who wrote this book has a collection of public-domain images he uses to illustrate articles he writes for the website project we work for. I copyedit some of these articles, and one of today’s included the following:

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He says it was from a newspaper serial story. I really wish I could find more like this. I kind of want this framed. On my wall. FEAR THE FROG AND ITS GAPING MAW.

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Just thought these illustrations, which come from the interior of a 1979 edition of Jack Williamson‘s pulpy-but-passable novel Darker Than You Think, were pretty neat, in a noir, adventure-hero kind of way. The back cover tells me they are “the original interior illustrations by the renowned Edd Cartier“; the book has several more, but these were my favorites. They make me want to go find old sci-fi pulp mags, see what the interior illustrations that accompanied the stories were like — websites tend to focus on cover scans, not interiors.

Apologies for the blurriness on the right edge of the first — it was going into the spine, hard to scan without book-squashage.


aprilandbarbeetigerupload.jpg ontherunupload.jpg

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